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Ballyland Early Learning


Sonokids Ballyland™ software is specifically designed and developed to enable children with vision impairment to develop essential digital skills in a playful way, together with their sighted friends and siblings. Ballyland empowers children by building their technology skills.

The Ballyland learning platform consists of:

Ballyland keyboarding software - a fun and educational computer game for children who are beginning computer users, including children with special needs. The design specifically supports playful learning of foundation keyboarding skills by children who are blind or have low vision. Ballyland keyboarding software is available for Windows PC’s and Mac computers.

Stay Still, Squeaky! – a story from Ballyland made into an accessible, interactive audio eBook for iPad. The fun story about Squeaky, the bouncy Ballylander, who needs to stay clean before a visit to grandmother has great audio and visual effects. To interact with it, the child only needs to use very simple, ‘informal’ gestures, such as touch and swipe. It is perfect as a first fun and safe introduction to an iPad for young children with vision impairment and their sighted friends and siblings.

Ballyland Magic app – This fun, educational app for iPad prepares children who are blind or have low vision for the use of an iPad or other iOS mobile touch screen device with VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader. While they play and interact with the Ballylanders, the children learn accessibility concepts and fundamental touch gestures for VoiceOver.

Ballyland Rotor - this is the sequel to Ballyland Magic. It’s a fun, educational iPad game that helps children who are blind or have low vision to learn and practice the concept and gestures for the ‘Rotor’ in VoiceOver, Apple’s built-in screen reader for iOS Devices. Ballicopter, the little red helicopter, embarks on an amazing flight through Ballyland, and the Rotor gesture is used to change the unfolding of his engaging adventure.

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