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John Norgaard

Hello, I would like to introduce myself as a MULTICOMEDIAN. This means that I am working with both art and science. 400 years ago this was very normal, but then art and science went in each direction.

John Norgaard

When the personal computer showed up in the eighties, I had a feeling that this would become the tool, that again would make it possible for one person to work with programming, music, entertainment, communication and so on.

Today I am working from my office which is equipped as a programming environment, a music-studio, a tv-production facility, an animation studio, a publishing-house and more. This makes it easy for my to work with different medias at the same time, and to decide by testing whether a message is delivered best with a computerprogram, a song, a painting or an article.

I dare say that I have more than usual skills in many directions. I can program in PHP, Sql, Javascript, Flash Action Script - I can play guitar, saxophone, violin, piano, trompet - I can create graphic artwork, edit video, write a dramaplay, a manual for a computerprogram, lyrics for songs or an article for a Newspaper.

When I need to get out of my office, I have gigs as an entertainer - live, radio and national television.

So MULTICOMEDIAN is the right name of my profession.


- Educated in technical calculation at School of Engineering, Horsens, Denmark
- Studies at the University of Aarhus, Denmark - 1 year of Political Science and 3 years of Law study.
- 2 years of work as a teacher in public-school
- 1 year of work in a kinder-garden (1970 - I was the first male in Denmark, to work in a kindergarten, and the children called me Miss John :)
- Courseleader at National Danish Broadcasting Cooporation - introducing the employees and bosses to the Internet (from 1995 ...)
- Wizard giving lectures in Macromedia Software to professional users from advertising bureaues, graphical companies, newspapers etc. Hired by danish agent of Macromedia (from 1999 ...)

Special work

Developing of the "Useful Mixengine", which solves a sync-problem in Macromedia Flash. UME is used for interactive musical applications. Has been adapted by a lot of developers like Bong & Dern, New York.

"Those are some very entertaining applications! Probably the coolest thing I've seen done with flash audio so far."
- Hayden Porter,

"Sobald einem die Augen zufallen, verliert das Netz all seine Reize. Bunny hat die Ohren gespitzt, es lauscht gespannt und, man hšre und staune: Es gibt ihn doch, den Klang des Internet."
- Der Spiegel

Developing of the Flash extention "Tab Out" which solves the problem of blind and visually impaired users getting trapped flash embed in a website, when tabbing through a page.

"Tab Out" has been included in the Macromedias offical set of Flash extentions. It was honoured by Macromedia represented by Bob Regan, Head of Accessibility Department with a complete package of Macromedia software.


I am the proud father of four grown-up children. Three sons and one daughter.
They have chosen very different educations and work. But they all have in common that they play an instrument and sing. When they were younger they often participated as actors in Children Radioplays I produced at National Danish Radio and they also sang on several childrens CD's by danish singer Birgit Bach (


Back in 1996 I was almost alone working with interactive musical applications on the Internet.

I was contacted by Beatnic, Inc - San Mateo, California. A company owned by famous british rockstar Thomas Dolby Robertson.

I made a remixer of Thomas' MTV hit "She blinded me with science" - An ACCESSIBLE remixer The first of its kind that could be used by the blind and visually impaired.

The picture beneath is the Homepage of, where my work is presented at the frontpage between Yahoo and Burger King:)

The Beatnic website

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