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Past Projects

MaX: Blind web site creation

(Discontinued for individual users. The MaX engine powers multiple professional websites)
MaX 4.0(c) is a fully accessible on-line website-creation tool and content management system developed by Sonokids. MaX 4.0 is compatible with assistive technology and allows webmasters, including those with little or no vision, to create a professional looking, accessible website compliant with the W3C guidelines for web accessibility.

MaX 4.0 distinguishes itself from other website-authoring programs in the fact that structure, navigation and editing procedures were developed specifically with the special needs and requirements of a vision impaired or blind webmaster in mind. The tool is fully accessible and all websites created with MaX are accessible as well - based upon the W3C accessibility guidelines.

For Sense, the UK organisation for people who are deaf blind, Sonokids developed a custom made, members-only MaX tool.

Three young blind students from the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh, Scotland, created a web site with MaX, addressing what it means to be blind and offering interesting resources for other children who or blind or have low vision. Their web site “Looking at you” won the mainstream global Childnet Academy competition 2005.

Radar the Eargame

RadaR (discontinued) is a fun and educational game through which children with little or no vision can acquire the skills necessary to work with assistive technology, such as screen reader software, in order to learn how to access the Internet. The program also educates children with regard to staying safe on the Web. RadaR combines storytelling and musical characteristics with interactive educational games and learning challenges. A dolphin, a bat and a mole are the main characters in the audiostory which is at the heart of RadaR, played by real voices. Their adventure takes the children playing RadaR on a voyage of discovery through a virtual world and online communication.

Max, Mik and Mo in Rada

Famous actors and tv-personalities both in the Netherlands (where the first version of RadaR was produced), in Scotland and in Australia have contributed their voice to the RadaR audioplay, with other roles played by blind, partly sighted and fully sighted children.

The development and production of RadaR was made possible by the support of: Dutch funding body "Digital Pioneers"; BBC Scotland; The Royal Blind School in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the Queensland Government's Technology Survival Skills Program, Australia.

To read more on RadaR, download this paper, presented at the 2009 conference of The International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI)

Discovery and Experience Via Art

Project website:
From 2006-2008 Sonokids collaborated with Italian, German and Dutch partners in the project “Discovery and Experience Via Art“ (DEVA). The participants in the project were people who are blind or have low vision or have a mental disability - and who are artists and actors. The project gave them the opportunity to work together with the focus not on their disabilities but on their artistic resources. The International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE) and Sonokids end-produced the on-site creations, created the project website and produced digital interactive city maps about the stories using the material produced by the artists.

The DEVA project was a Grundtvig 2 Life Long Learning Partnership, realised with the support of the European Community within the framework of Grundtvig, the action within the Socrates Program.

logo Socrates Grundtvig Program

Sonokids Radio

Accessible Internet Radio by and for young people who are blind or have low vision (discontinued).

Sonokids Radio was an international project aimed at enabling vision impaired young people to develop, produce and legally broadcast their own internet-radio-show (streaming-audio), through their own computer at home or at school, within the context of an organised, international “community broadcasting company”.
This project offered participants the opportunity to discover and develop their skills and talents as an interviewer, a journalist, a newsreader, a writer, a comedian, a DJ, etc.

The project was set up in collaboration with Visual Impairment Scotland (Viskids), the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh (Scotland) and Danish Instituttet for Blinde og Svagsynede. It received financial support from Digital Pioneers and the Danish Ministery of Education and was supported by Danish National Radio.
With the financial support of Digital Pioneers and in close cooperation with the blind users unique manuals and instructions for accessible internet radio-making were developed. Technical applications that were developed include a "Playlist-maker" to automatically generate the legally required play-list, a fully accessible “Control-tower” for all software and hardware involved, enabling radiomakers to manage their broadcasting from one single webpage, and a built-in library with audio-clips for radiomakers to use.

Sonokids dot com, writing history

In 2002 Sonokids launched the world’s first inclusive, accessible children’s webportal, creating a unique virtual community for blind, partly sighted and fully-sighted children. The web portal offered accessible games, news, sounds, music, and children’s own contributions.

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