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Latest Products

The five Ballylanders


Musical remixers

Sonokids musical remixers are educational and fun at the same time. Most if not all remixer software on- as well as offline for children have one thing in common: you cannot make it sound bad. The Sonokids remixer however makes children experiment and puts their talent and skills to the test. It offers children a platform to explore sounds, effects and harmony and train the feeling for rhythm. Multiple users can play together if they each have their own computer (without recording the “concert”).

Current Projects

Sound and Picture Project

The Sound and Picture Project with MDVI Euronet, aimed to use ICT as a communication tool for children with MDVI (from severe and complex to additional support needs, from early years to young adults). MDVI Euronet is committed to improving knowledge, understanding and good practice in the education of children and young people with a severe visual impairment and additional disabilities.
Web: http:/ and

AltLit - CNIB Children’s Portal

In 2013 Sonokids entered a partnership with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind Library, Toronto, ON, Canada. Sonokids developed customised accessible Memory, Remixer and Sound Sudoku games (in English and French versions) for the CNIB Children’s Portal, AltLit. AltLit is for kids and teens who have a print disability and receive services from either the CNIB Library or CELA (Centre for Equitable Library Access).
Web: http:/

All Abilities ePlayground

The All Abilities ePlayground caters for children with and without a disability and offers them a safe, creative and imaginative online play environment. The All Abilities ePlayground offers different layers and levels of activities and games, with adjustable settings and alternative navigation to suit individual needs and abilities. The All Abilities ePlayground was an initiative of the Gold Coast City Council in Queensland, Australia, supported by the Queensland Department of Communities (Disability Services) and created by Sonokids Australia, Queensland, Australia. This free resource is available at

In addition to more traditional interfaces like keyboards, mouses and joysticks, the ePlayground is tailored for use with touch screens, interactive whiteboards, and such low-tech assistive technologies as single switch and Puff2Play. Puff2play was developed by Sonokids, and it enables children with multiple disabilities to control a computer-game with their breath, by blowing into a microphone. Finally, children who are blind or have low vision can navigate by way of a clear set of keys of the computer keyboard, supported by the talking, virtual ‘game mate’ BuddyFly.

The All Abilities ePlayground was a Finalist in the International Design for All Awards 2011, a Finalist in the Internet Access & Digital Skills category of the Australia & New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIAs) and the Winner of the Yahoo! ’Internet for Good’ Gold Standard Award 2012 for the Asia Pacific Region.

From 2013 the All Abilities ePlayground is included in The Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment’s Curriculum into the Classroom collection of curriculum planning and resource materials, which it has developed to facilitate the implementation of the Australian curriculum. The ePlayground is being utilised in a Students with Disabilities English unit for early years students.

Island map of the playground

 The Victorian Statewide Vision Resource Centre has also included the ePlayground in their recommended resources to support student with v.i. in the education curriculum.


Sonokids' Puff2play navigation enables children with multiple disabilities to control a computer-game with their breath. By blowing into a mmicrophone, children produce a controllable 'sound', which Sonokids applies to the game-controls.

Puff2Play was implemented in the All Abilities ePlayground, created by Sonokids.

To try out the Puff2play demo-games below, you will need to have a microphone attached to your computer.

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