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About Ballyland educational software

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For all children

I have been working with a little girl of 8 yrs of age, who has a global developmental delay, a reduced attention span, along with communication and some behavioural issues... There are many sounds and pictures which she would enjoy and she would hit the correct key each time to make a favourite repeat... From the very first time that I introduced Ballyland to her it was something which she loved to use as part of her daily routine. Her verbal communication is limited but she would communicate with me that she wanted the program by singing the tune.
I would definitely recommend Ballyland to others and not just for the use of children in Special Education.
Rachael Waller
Special Needs Assistant
St Josephs School for Children with Visual Impairment.

Early learning

I am using Ballyland with a little boy who is blind in our VisionEd preschool. He LOVES the stories and songs (lots of dancing involved) on the numbers and it is really helping him to get both hands on the computer to explore, rather than just one. Interestingly he uses a Large Print keyboard in the preschool but a regular QWERTY at home. He is able to move between the two, finding the keys he is interested in.
Michelle Knight
Access Technology Consultant
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
Sydney, Australia

About Ballyland eBook

Unique and very useful

I haven't seen an iBook like this yet with sound. This will be perfect for some of the children, many of whom have multiple disabilities including vision impairment.

Kristen Popham
Lekotek of Georgia,

Expert evaluation

Well implemented book.
My boys enjoyed the book as well.

David Woodbridge
Technology Consultant at Vision Australia
Ambassador for Apple Australia

“Do you like Squeaky’s story?”

Answer: YES!!!

4 year old boy who is blind and navigated the eBook on his iPad, completely on his own

Wonderful resource for Children with Visual Impairments

"Stay Still, Squeaky!" teaches social and personal skills through the interactive story. The repetitive lines are great for children who enjoy the anticipation of knowing what is coming up next. The simple interaction requests promote listening skills as well as cause-and-effect basics such as giving immediate feedback when prompting, "Touch the screen when I say, 'Now!'" Overall, "Stay Still, Squeaky!" is a wonderful resource for learning the basics of using a touch screen device and a variety of early learning skills, promoting independence and empowerment for users with visual impairments.

Hillary Kleck,

Great for socialising

It is something that both my children can play with together, which is so important.

Mother of a 4 and 3 year old, one of whom is blind.

Autism friendly

I work with children with autism. By restricting the extra icons you can press inadvertently, it gives us a bit more control and they do not get distracted.

Teacher, UK

Love accessibility and educational features

I absolutely adore “Stay Still Squeaky”. The graphics have a clear outline, are bright and bold, presented on a background with no clutter. They are attractive and when things happen to Squeaky, the positioning of extra graphics is well contrasted and not cluttering the face so you can still see Squeaky (until he needs a good clean).
The story is very funny but with hidden messages in it, such as keeping safe, listen to the adults, be good, clean up after your mess!
You can only make something happen with Squeaky when you hear ‘now’. If you press before you hear ‘now, nothing happens and that is great as it also makes the students slow down and listen. It is a good cause and effect activity because, after you have heard ‘now’, there is no time limit for the child to activate the screen for the story to continue, it respects their processing time and their choice to move on or not. So it is highly benefitting their development of independence.

I.Jones, Qualified Teacher Visually Impaired (QTVI), England

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