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Vision and Approach

The core value underlying Sonokids, which permeates all projects, is that the Internet and Information Technology provide an opportunity for all children and young people to participate equally and inclusively, regardless of a disability.

In order for people who are blind or have low vision to develop their full potential in using a computer and accessing the internet, appropriate training and adaptive technology are indispensable, as well as accessible resources such as tools and applications. To that goal, blending imagination and technology, Sonokids develops innovative, attractive and educational web-and sound applications, tools and programs, that are fully accessible.

User feedback collected during the research and development process helps to ensure the highest level of usability and accessibility in all Sonokids' programs and tools.

Sonokids contributes to the awareness and understanding of the importance of web-accessibility by giving guest-lectures to University students and future web-designers.

Sonokids has written an opinion paper, entitled "Play and Learn Together: Interaction Design to Support Acquisition of Pre-Keyboarding Skills by Children who are Blind Jointly with their Sighted Peers" (March 2015).

Download Sonokids' opinion paper here.

To hear more about Sonokids' vision and approach, please view and listen to this video of the speech delivered by Phia Damsma for the "Flashes of Inspiration session on the 2015 Amplify Festival in Sydney. The title is: "How do children with a vision impairment use technology?".

Or listen here to a podcast which was recorded in January 2015 in the studio of 4RPH Radio for the Print Handicapped in Brisbane. Terry O'Neill interviews Phia Damsma.

You can download a transcription (Word) of the whole interview here:

In November 2015 Phia was interviewed by Media Access Australia. The interview, titled Q&A with Sonokids Australia: education through gaming for children with disability, can be found here:

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Sonokids is a not-for-profit organisation.

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